Enterprise smartworking software for flexible,

collaborative and productive workplaces

‘All-in-one’ software for getting work done.
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Connected digital tools to improve how you work and collaborate

Connected digital tools to improve how you work and collaborate

Sapenta is your digital workplace. It’s an “All-in-one” software for the workplace of the future: smart, flexible, social and collaborative.

The digitisation and convergence of all workplace functions -project management, tasks tracker, time planning, travels, expenses and reporting-, provides knowledge workers with the full context, visibility, tools, and support to focus their time on the biggest value drivers of the business.

Sapenta offers connected digital tools in one place: Project Management, Online Gantts, Agile Task Boards and Communication tools, make teams informed and empowered, leading to higher levels of focus, productivity and team collaboration.

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It’s simplicity, flexibility and fantastic adaptation and support from the Sapenta team, help us to be able to focus on our work and be more productive.
Mercedes Tejero, People Manager Spain.

Automate work processes to get things done faster

Automate work processes to get things done faster

The leaning up and automation of all back-office processes and approval cycles- purchases and expense processing, leave and corporate travel management- allows the workplace to function seamlessly without teams getting bogged down by overhead and bureaucracy.


It’s fantastic! Until now I was using 3 different tools to manage tasks, projects and timesheets and I was dreaming to be able to manage everything using one unique tool.
Xabi Gorostiaga, Project Manager.

Be productive ‘on-the-go’ with our Mobile App

Be productive ‘on-the-go’ with our Mobile App

Carry your digital workplace in your pocket. Our Sapenta app is completely in sync with the Sapenta web application for comfortable smartphone use on-the-go: enabling mobility and powering productivity for flexible and remote teams.

The Sapenta app is available for Android and iOS.

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‘Thanks to SAPENTA we can enjoy mobility and be constantly connected. It has completely changed the way we work. Now we are more effective and we are aware of what is important, anywhere and anytime.’
Jonathan Moral, CEO.

A consistent Workplace Experience for higher engagement

A consistent Workplace Experience for higher engagement

A digital workplace means no more switching between niche tools and applications: less technology stress, less maintenance and resources, and no more disjointed User Experiences.

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A must-have! It dramatically improved the efficiency of our internal processes… Now we don’t lose time and effort with tonnes of Excel spreadsheets anymore!
David Montes, Technical Manager.



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