Advantages of using a Smart working platform for Marketing teams

By Sapenta Team on 13th March 2018

Managing marketing projects like a Project Manager would provide competitive advantages that few companies take into account. The idea that a marketing person is creative but unstructured must change. Tracking campaigns, customers and results in the same way that a project is managed offer clear benefits: more innovative campaigns, clear return on investment and collaboration among team members.

What elements of project management should adopt?

  • Time management.
  • Resource planning.
  • Task management.
  • Tracking costs.
  • Return on investment analysis.
  • Reports.

Any marketing team can use project management to track metrics, such as ROI, resources and time. This system can offer transparency and allows the marketing manager to evaluate the progress in real time and proactively prevent problems or identify and resolve them quickly.

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The use of Gantt and Kanban board


Project planning is not a simple to-do list. Every project must be divided into tasks with specific time frames. Some tasks can be completed in parallel, while others require the completion of previous steps to begin. To use a smart working platform that allows autonomy to perform your tasks but at the same time provides visibility of the whole process is the key to success.

Gantt charts provide total visibility of ongoing projects and tasks. Thanks to their design, they are easy to use in addition to serving as a communication tool between employees, and between the agency and the client. A picture is worth hundreds of words when it comes to reporting progress.


Kanban boards not only track the progress of a given project but also make it possible to monitor each task involved. Everyone can see clearly where they enter the project and where their responsibilities end. This also improves communication and efficiency since members can contact the people in charge of a specific task to make queries, questions and clarifications before continuing.


Project management and business performance


Only 64% of projects achieve their goals. The most common causes for failure are the change of priorities, unspecified requirements and objectives, lack of risk planning, etc.

Recent studies have shown that 97% of companies believe that project management is crucial for business performance and the success of the organisation.


Usually, the members of a marketing team tend to own their responsibilities exclusively. Removing silos within your team is important, not only to take advantage of their expertise in every area but also to promote communication and collaboration among each member to achieve the best results for the project.


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