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Sapenta exhibits its ‘Made in Barcelona’ smartworking platform at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London

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See you at Work World Innovation (WWi) Summit!

Sapenta introduces a new feature in Leave Management

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit: See you in London

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Avoid these mistakes if you manage a team

Avoid these mistakes if you manage a team

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Sapenta is honoured to have received the 2017 SaaS Awards from FinancesOnline

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Sapenta will be at #DES2017 introducing its smart working platform

Sapenta introduces Integration with Google Calendar and a new design for tasks

How Your HR Department Can Improve Employee Communication Through Automation

How Your HR Department Can Improve Employee Communication Through Automation

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Ms Sheets and the holidays

Ms Sheets and the holidays

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Benefits of working from home

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Ms Sheets and paper saving

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Ms. Sheets and Project Reports

Ms. Sheets and Project Reports

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Ms. Sheets and travel requests

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Ms. Sheets & Gantt Diagrams

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Web Summit Lisbon

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