Maintaining Productivity while Travelling

By Sapenta Team on 28th May 2018

Spain is a magnet for digital nomads, with 20% of Spanish freelancers originating from other countries. This kind of lifestyle allows you to run a business from your laptop, earning an income and traveling simultaneously. 


Spain is a magnet for digital nomads, with 20% of Spanish freelancers originating from other countries. This kind of lifestyle allows you to run a business from your laptop, earning an income and traveling simultaneously. However, being a tourist can be time consuming and exhausting, leading to a dip in productivity. If you want to enjoy the incredible benefits of remote work, you will need to find ways to maintain a high level of productivity, even when your office environment is changing from day to day.

Finding a Space to Work

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, but not all work spaces are created equal. Depending on your preferred work environment and the nature of your job, you may have different requirements. For many digital nomads, a decent WiFi connection and a comfortable place to sit are all that are needed.

Scan hotel reviews for mentions of WiFi. Finding a fast connection will allow you to work as soon as you wake up and cut out wasted commute times. You should also plan ahead. If you have a three hour airport layover, be prepared to get to work as soon as you step off that plane.

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Prioritize Everything

Travelling the world will inevitably mean taking time out for some sightseeing and exploration. This means that you’ll almost certainly have to cut back on work. In order to stay productive, prioritize your tasks carefully. Unimportant emails should be delegated or left until you return, so that you can use your limited time to focus on your most lucrative assignments.

Focus on Rest

Part of living on the road involves finding cheap accommodation. Whether you are traveling in a budget motorhome or staying in shared dorms, any way you can cut your living costs will help you to cope with decreased productivity. However, rest is so essential for getting work done. If you have been struggling to sleep, consider booking a private room for a night or two. This will allow you to recharge and return to work with boosted drive and morale.

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Even when traveling hard, you still need to maintain healthy habits. If you let your sleep schedule slip or fail to plan ahead, then your productivity will take a hit. Search for accommodation with fast and reliable internet or near a high quality workspace. After that prioritize your tasks, leaving the unimportant tasks for later. If necessary, make time to catch up on sleep so that you can return to work refreshed and get the most out of your time. Following these tips will allow you to travel to your dream locations, while still running a business and earning a good income.




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